Reimagining Networking

Our Community

  • We are a community of professionals from all displines and levels focused on reimagining job transition. 
  • Underpinning our actions is our paramount committment to unconditionally assist others in their search.
  • This belief is our foundation; contributing to other's success cultivates success and joy in our own lives.

Our Approach

  • Our goal is to enhance networking, since two-thirds of jobs are obtained this way.
  • We rely on scientific research to define, and continually refine, the best job transition processes.
  • Our primary interaction is with employees not companies, since most jobs are found through them.
  • Most people's networks are not large enough - joining our community instantly expands one's network.
  • Our members have given their permission to  be contacted for help.
  • Finding a new job faster is critical since today's jobs are not lasting as long as before.

Our Story

  • Career Actions is a nonprofit and has been helping people for more than ten years.
  • We have helped 10,000 professionals find jobs primarily in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay.
  • We serve people of all faiths and also those with no religious affilitations.
  • Our team has held CEO, CTO, and CFO positions; they include Al Hulvey, Jay Tang, and Morris Chubb.

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