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Great resource: After I updated my resume, the first thing I did was develop a target list of companies where I wanted to work? With more than 2,000 startups and established companies, this site was a great resource. I could screen the firms by industry and geographic area then click through to their sites to learn about the company and their job openings. …Adam
Great people: : I found a job opening on the site at one of the firms I was targeting. It seemed perfect. I scheduled a call with the Company Insider. I asked him about their culture and liked what I heard. He liked what he saw on my resume so he forwarded it to the hiring manager. She read it since it came from an Insider. I ended up getting the job. … Jia
Great Network: Recently, my jobs are only lasting two or three years. But my job searches are still long and stressful. The Career Actions network is unique. Rather than networking with people who might help me, I network with people who have pledged to help me. After I got a job, I stayed on since I like “paying back”, and I can quickly launch a new search. …Tallah