Is there a trial period?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you decide to cancel during the first month trial period, we will promptly refund your initial $5.00 fee. If you do not cancel during this trial period, your membership will automatically renew every month. You do retain the option to cancel anytime, which will prevent any additional charges. We use this process because it provides enhanced site security.

What are the community's core values?

  • Always treat other members with respect.
  • Do not discriminate in any way.
  • Actively help members make job transitions.
  • Share career knowledge and experiences that could be helpful to others.
  • Invite other professionals who have these values, especially those you have worked with, to join the community.

What kind of Memberships are available?

1. Base Membership: This level provides access to an array of resources on our website, including:

  • Emerging Industry Sectors: Insights into industries transforming the global economy, helping you identify promising employment sectors.
  • 2,500+ Startups and Established Firms: A focus on the San Francisco Bay Area, offering a content-rich list of potential employers.
  • Support Materials: Enhance your resume and job documents with our AI-powered tools.

2. Networking Community Membership: Designed for those who want to benefit from a mutual-support community and who are willing to actively help others in the community . This level includes all Base Membership benefits plus:

  • Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Connect with Company Insiders for informational interviews and networking, a critical edge in your career journey.
  • Active Job Seeker Support: A platform to share your profile when you're actively seeking new opportunities, increasing your visibility among members.

Can you help me improve my resume and profile?

You will find these capabilities at the "Job Docs" menu link on our website:

  • Resume Questionnaire: Starting from scratch or rebuilding your resume? This tool gathers essential information to craft a professional resume.
  • Resume Generator: Leveraging ChatGPT, this creates an initial draft of your resume, which you can then tailor to your unique style.
  • Resume AI Boost: Already have a resume? Use this function to elevate it with ChatGPT's assistance, focusing on impact and readability.
  • Resume Editor: Customize your existing resume to align seamlessly with each job specification you're targeting.
  • Profile Generator: This app, powered by ChatGPT, transforms your resume into a concise, compelling Professional Profile.