Support-Community Membership

TheSupport-Community Membership is designed for professionals who want to benefit from a mutual-support community and who are willing to actively help other members.

It includes all of the benefits of Career-Development Membership, along with additional tools aimed at enhancing job networking and building industry expertise, starting with Artificial Intelligence.

  • Job Networking: Members pledge to actively assist Job Seekers within our community when opportunities arises. Assistance may include introducing them to hiring managers and contacts at companies they are pursuing for employment; offering advice, if asked, on enhancing resumes and professional profiles; and conducting informational interviews to share insights into specific industries or companies.
  • Industry Expertise: In an era where Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming the work landscape—introducing challenges as well as unprecedented opportunities—it's vital to stay informed and adapt. No single individual can fully grasp the extent of these changes alone. A collective, organized effort by our community is more effective. Career Actions facilitates this by regularly updating members on significant developments and providing tools to foster member contributions and enhance collaboration.

By opting for this membership, you will harness the power of community action to execute your job searches and career development.

Cancellation Policy/Trial Offer/Renewal: You have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time. Opting out within the first month entitles you to a full refund of the initial $30.00 quarterly fee. Unless cancelled, memberships automatically renew every quarter, but you retain the option to cancel anytime.

Agreement: By joining, you grant Career Actions the authority to remove you from membership for failing to assist other members when you are able, or for exhibiting unprofessional behavior, as judged by Career Actions.

Duration: 3 Months
Price: $30.00