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Our Community

  • We are a community of professionals focused on bringing "good" to work, specifically in the area of job transition (one of the top 10 stressors in modern life). 
  • Underpinning all our actions is our committment to step up and help other members, even those we do not know, network into companies for jobs.
  • Our members are from all business disciplines and levels, and either work, or want to work, in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area. 

Our Approach

  • Our goal is to enhance networking, since two-thirds of jobs are gotten this way. Most of us do not have personal networks that are large enough. Joining our support community instantly expands one's network.
  • Career Actions relies on research to define, and continually refine, the best job transition processes. The application of this research has been tested and refined by us over the past ten years in Silicon Valley. 
  • Our primary communication is to employees, not companies. Research shows most jobs are found this way. Our Company Insiders have given you permission to contact them for information interviews.
  • The demand for our service is and will continue to remain strong. The reason is because job change is driven by today's short lasting jobs, not unemployment rates.
  • To continue to serve our community, we need to add new sources of income. Our income currently comes from donations. To this, we will be adding a modest fee for using our services.

Our Story

  • Career Actions is a nonprofit. Up to this point, we have not paid any salaries. All of the income we have raised has been used to pay for out-of-pocket expenses.
  • In the past ten years, we have helped 10,000 professionals find jobs in Silicon Valley and the broader Bay area. We serve people of all faiths and also those with no religious affilitations.
  • Our business team is not motivated by money. We have held senior executive positions as CEO, CTO, and CFO. The core team includes Al Hulvey, Jay Tang, and Morris Chubb (searchable on Google).

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