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Our Good Samaritan Network shortens job transitions

For everyone who wants their job to be the primary place where they do the good work of unconditionally helping others.

For the employed looking to make a job transition and who want to connect with Company Insiders willing to help network them into their organizations.

For the unemployed who want to supplement their personal network with Company Insiders at more than 600 organizations in the Bay area.

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Success Story: I was looking for a job and heard about Career Actions. I signed up on their website.

A company I was interested in was listed there with a job opening that seemed to be written just for me. I requested a connection with the Company Insider. We had a conversation. He suggested changes to my resume. I made them and he forwarded my resume on.

Since my resume came from a Company Insider, they reviewed it and asked me to come in. As I was leaving my last interview, the CFO caught me and made me an offer on the spot. I accepted! ... Kelley